Binaural Beats, Brainwave States and Sound Therapy

Have you ever used music to de-stress? Many people use music as a healthy way to temporarily reduce stress, anxiety and  “escape”  life’s worries. Here at Ancient Paths Wellness, by using a variety of instruments, we are able to produce stress- reducing results and relaxation very quickly.  Quartz crystal bowls, Himalayan bowls and tuning forks specifically, have a unique impact on your brain by entraining ( synchronizing ) your brain into different brainwave patterns. The frequency  that the instruments emit, produce vibrations in such a way as to produce binaural beats when chosen properly and played in a particular way. Binaural beats are produced when 2 slightly different frequencies come from an outside source and both hemispheres of the brain are activated. The difference of these frequencies is then interpreted ( calculated )  inside your brain and in turn, activates the brain’s “frequency following response.” Sound Healing can effectively assist in shifting a person’s busy, agitated, tense and stress-filled Beta brainwave state, into a lower brainwave pattern of : Alpha, Theta or Delta. When the brain is entrained into lower brainwave states, there are a plethora of health benefits including substantial relaxation and stress-reduction!  (for more info click on ARTICLE HERE )  

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Most of us live busy lifestyles and that requires an active mind that consistently needs to focus, solve problems & use logic … when we stay active and alert in our thinking, we are in Beta brainwave state ( 14-30Hz). In a sound bath, different instruments and sounds are played in a variety of ways to produce soothing harmonics and drone effects. This allows our brain to shift into  a tranquil, Alpha  state (9-13 Hz) which is when one becomes calm & relaxed both physically and mentally. People may also experience a deep relaxation associated with a meditative state and mental imagery. This is the Theta Brainwave state (4-8Hz). Many people are also able to relax so deeply with sound therapy that their brain slips into Delta state ( .1- 4Hz), where one experiences deep sleep, pain relief, anti-aging and healing.

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Why Sound Therapy is the ANTIDOTE for STRESS: 

According to Berit Brogaard, D.M.Sci., Ph.D, Deep relaxation and meditation have long been known to help with anxiety disorders and major depression. HERE is another study discussing the positive outcomes of binaural beats that contribute to lowering stress levels, increased creativity and memory.

The relaxing tones that the Himalayan bowls, chimes, gongs, crystal singing bowls, monochords, tuning forks etc create an instantly calming and relaxing environment. These frequencies impact the nervous system  by assisting the body to re-align with the nourishing state of “rest, digest, & relax.”  This is the opposite of the “fight or flight” mode that is triggered by stress.

The sonic symphonies created in a sound meditation or sound immersion event ( AKA a “Sound Bath”,) engage the parasympathetic system allowing for relaxation, while simultaneously allowing the sympathetic nervous system to lower its stress responses. 

Monochord Sound Therapy