Voice Analysis Harmonics

Unlock Harmony: Tune Your Voice, Align Your Body

Unlock Harmony: Tune Your Voice, Align Your Body

Are there times when you feel like your body is out of sync, causing you to experience unexplained imbalances?

Do you struggle to control certain cravings and wish you had more control over your body's signals?

Are there certain bodily sensations or signals that you find difficult to interpret or understand?

Do you struggle with mixed signals from your body, making it hard to stay balanced?

That’s where Harmonic Voice Balancing comes in—a groundbreaking & non-invasive modality that harnesses the power of sound therapy to restore harmony and equilibrium within the body. Developed through years of research and refinement by Kae Thompson-Liu, a renowned naturopath and health researcher, this approach delves deep into the relationship between voice frequencies and bodily organs.

Using state-of-the-art VoiceBio software, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of your voice, identifying both the strengths and weaknesses in the pitches you speak. These pitches are directly correlated to specific organs, as validated by Thompson-Liu’s extensive research conducted in hospitals over many years. By pinpointing imbalances in your voice frequencies, we gain invaluable insights into the underlying disharmonies within your body.

Once identified, we employ a targeted intervention strategy to reintroduce the missing frequencies back into your system. This is achieved through practices both in-studio and at home, where precise frequencies are delivered to recalibrate your body’s natural harmonics, restoring it to a state of optimal health and balance.

Whether you’re seeking relief from imbalances, longing for greater harmony, or simply yearning to understand your body’s signals, our transformative approach guides you toward holistic health and vitality.


“ Sounds are the whispers of the universe, revealing its secrets one vibration at a time. “

How does it works?

1.The client speaks three different voice samples into a highly sensitive microphone.

2. A computer quickly organizes and creates visual representations of the frequencies of tones.

3. Jenn Steffen, your VoiceBio practitioner, then skillfully utilizes the collected data from the software program and conducts an analysis using a computer-generated chart known as a “voiceprint” to identify present note frequencies and those that are missing.

4. Jenn will discuss strategies with you to harmonize excessively active tones or reintegrate missing tone, aiming to promote optimal health and overall well-being.

You will relax in a zero gravity chair after the comprehensive analysis is complete and enjoy a mini-sound bath, being immersed in the ‘missing frequencies’.

Are you prepared to experience VAH with a trusted & certified coach?

sound healing therapist in Canada

Jenn Steffen, a certified Vibrational Alignment Healing (VAH) coach, is here to offer you a dependable and nurturing guidance throughout your VAH journey.


As a certified VAH coach, Jenn Steffen is equipped with the knowledge and skills to help you achieve vibrational alignment, allowing you to tap into your inner healing potential and experience profound well-being on multiple levels. With Jenn by your side, you can trust in her guidance and support as you navigate the intricacies of VAH and unlock a greater sense of harmony and vitality in your life.

Jenn, a specialist in natural healing, focuses on sound healing practices. Her deep understanding and commitment empower individuals to begin transformative paths towards holistic well-being.