Resin Incense Starter Kit for Beginners



Immerse yourself in aromatic bliss with our Resin Incense Variety Starter Collection. Crafted for wellness enthusiasts and incense aficionados, this curated kit features 100% pure resins, premium accessories, and ethically sourced ingredients, perfect for enhancing sacred moments and meditation practices.

Introducing our Resin Incense Variety Starter Collection – the perfect gateway to the world of aromatic bliss for wellness enthusiasts and those who appreciate the art of incense and natural resin rituals. Crafted for the curious and budding incense aficionado, this carefully curated kit is designed to elevate your sacred moments, ceremonies, and meditation practices.. 💫

Unveil the magic within each box, adorned with love and intent, and discover everything needed to embark on your aromatic expedition:
✨ Ornate Brass Resin Incense Charcoal Burner with Wood Coaster
✨ Stainless Steel Tongs
✨ Pack of Charcoal (10 Tablets)
✨ Five Half Ounce Tins of Resin Incense Tears
✨ Brass Calabash Incense Stick Holder
✨ Fireproof Mat/Ash Catcher Pad

Sustain the Sacred Flame with our Charcoal:
• Quick and easy to light
• Toxic-free
• Odorless
• Burns long for extended enjoyment
• Ensures a smooth, even burn for your incense
• Made of 100% European beech wood

Safely Hold Your Incense Rituals
• Crafted from durable stainless steel, our tongs are an essential tool for your incense ceremonies. Perfect for safely holding the charcoal during lighting, picking up resin tears, and lifting off the hot lid of the incense burner for easy resin refills.

What Sets Apart Our Resin Starter Kit?
• 100% Pure & Natural Incense - Free from additives, chemicals, & toxins.
• Guaranteed fresh resins, curated with care from collectives and communities around the world.
• Discover a variety of different aromas globally without the need to buy large quantities of resin.
• We work closely with communities worldwide to offer Premium, Ethically Sourced, Organic, and/or Biodynamic, Sustainable Botanicals.
• Our resins are carefully hand-packed to ensure they are free from excess debris, sticks, and large amounts of bark.
• Makes a great gift for incense lovers, aromatherapists, yogis, meditation enthusiasts, Alternative Health Care Practitioners, Holistic Wellness Centers, etc.
• Quality Craftsmanship of Brass Incense Burner & Ornate lid (sturdy & heavy).
• The burner offers a wide variety of applications for burning: loose resins, loose herbs & botanical incense, stick incense, cone incense, coil incense.
• The Incense burner can also be used for smudging and holding small votive candles or other objects.
• The incense stick holder is versatile too - able to hold stick and coil incense.

🧘‍♂️ Elevate your sacred rituals and embark on an aromatic journey with our meticulously crafted Resin Incense Variety Starter Collection – order now to immerse yourself in the enchanting fusion of premium quality, ethically sourced ingredients, and thoughtful design.


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